What kind of writing language can be felt deeply?

作者庄泽峰 / 2023-5-27 10:10

A writing language** that can reach people's hearts usually needs to have the following characteristics:

  1. authenticity: real language can help the reader to establish emotional empathy, feel the author's true feelings and emotions, and thus more easily be deeply infected.

  2. vivid image: vivid image language can help readers better understand the content, with a stronger visualization effect, and thus easier to be remembered.

  3. emotional: moderate emotional language can cause the reader's empathy and sympathy, so it is easier to be deeply infected.

  4. Intimacy: Intimate language can make readers feel the author's care and closeness, so it is easier to be deeply infected.

  5. inspirational: inspiring language helps readers to think deeply and understand the problem, which makes it easier to be deeply understood and comprehended.

In short, a writing language that can reach people's hearts needs to have characteristics such as authenticity, vivid image, emotionality, intimacy and inspiration. Of course, the specific use of these characteristics needs to be considered in the context of the purpose, audience, and subject matter of the writing.

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