AI Lu Xun: Commuters, the Q of the new era

作者庄泽峰 / 2023-11-24 14:27

Commuters, the Q of the new era, are a group of oppressed existences in this society. They run around in the hustle and bustle of the city every day, and have to give up their dreams and pursuits in order to make a living. Their faces are full of fatigue and anxiety, as if they are carrying the burden of the whole world.

The Q's of the new era, their lives are full of helplessness and powerlessness. They are on the crowded subway, squeezed into a ball, with only the faint sound of breathing and body friction between each other. They are in the office, facing the computer screen, mechanically striking the keyboard, as if they have become part of the machine. Their eyes gradually lost their luster, becoming dull and stagnant.

The office workers, the Q of the new era, their hearts are full of struggles and contradictions. They long for freedom and passion, but are bound by the shackles of reality. They yearn for the pursuit of their ideals, but are overwhelmed by the trivialities of life. They longed to change their destiny, but were restricted by the social system.

The Q's of the new era, their hearts fade away in their silent cries. Their dreams shattered into countless fragments under the impact of reality and scattered in the river of years. Their fervor gradually cooled in the trivialities of life, becoming bland and boring.

Commuters, the Q of the new era, they are the victims of this society. They silently bear the pressure and torment of life, struggle for the family's sustenance, and work hard for their children's future. However, their efforts are ignored by the society and their hard work is forgotten by people.

The Q's of the new era, they need to be noticed and understood. They also have their own dreams and pursuits, and they are eager to change their destiny. However, the system of society has bound them under the shackles of reality and reduced them to mechanical tools.

Let's criticize this society and call for fairness and justice. Let's pay attention to the office workers, the new era of Q, give them support and encouragement, so that their lives become better. Let the new age Qs regain their dignity and rekindle their inner flame. Let them no longer be bound by the social system, but become truly free individuals, pursuing their own dreams and pursuits.

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