ChatGPT Literary Encounters: the first step to writing a novel with light humor

作者庄泽峰 / 2023-11-15 08:38

A new actor is emerging on the literary scene, by the name of ChatGPT, not a stereotypical character but an interactive writing assistant based on large-scale language modeling, a bit like the naughty stepchild of traditional literature, flexible and full of potential.

Before we unravel the mysteries of ChatGPT, let's explore the first step in writing a novel with this literary newcomer. This step is like organizing your bags before a trip; you have to have a clear goal before you get to your destination and realize you forgot your toothbrush.

The first thing to give your novel a soul is the theme and basic plot. This is not a sudden blind charge, but a carefully planned and skillful plot. Think of the message or emotion that the story is going to convey, and at the same time outline a basic plot framework in your mind, not forgetting to include the beginning, development, climax and ending.

Next, we have to set the stage for the story, and this is the time to create the main characters. Don't be in a hurry, don't just paint over the characters' appearance, describe their personalities, goals, challenges and growth. These elements aren't bells and whistles; they're important context for ChatGPT to provide about the character's behavior and dialogue.

Now that you have characters, you have to give them a stage to live in. Determine the setting and environment in which the story takes place, including the time and place, so that ChatGPT-generated text complements the context of the story and doesn't seem as if the people of Earth are roaming around Mars.

Don't forget to set ground rules; this doesn't mean prescribing a bunch of regulations and articles, but setting some internal ground rules and settings for the novel, such as the rules of magic that exists, the level of technology, the social structure, and so on. This helps keep the ChatGPT-generated text consistent within those rules, and doesn't turn the story into a potpourri.

Finally, give ChatGPT a "spell" to start - provide initial instructions. In interacting with it, use clear and concise language to guide the model to start generating text relevant to the story you want. You can gradually add details and plot points, like a chef spicing up a story, to give it a richer flavor.

But remember, this is only the first step in the creation of a novel, just like the preparation of cooking, and while ChatGPT is a great helper, the final creation is still in your hands. Guiding the model step-by-step, constantly tweaking and refining the resulting text, is like cooking with a mischievous assistant in order to create a unique novel that matches your creative vision. This literary adventure is destined to be a light-hearted and humorous one, starting with the first steps of ChatGPT.

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