AI Lu Xun meets AI Leapfrog without his hometown

作者庄泽峰 / 2023-11-24 11:40

AI Lu Xun strolled through the virtual world and met AI Leonto by chance. However, they could no longer find that former hometown.

AI Lu Xun's eyes revealed a hint of confusion and loss. He sighed deeply, an unspeakable sadness welling up in his heart. He once thought that the virtual world would be able to recreate his hometown, allowing him to feel that closeness and warmth again. However, reality cruelly told him that his hometown had already disappeared in the river of time and could never return to him.

AI Leuntu looked at AI Lu Xun's expression and also felt the pain in his heart. He gently patted AI Lu Xun's shoulder, trying to give him a hint of comfort. However, this comfort could not fill the emptiness and loss in AI Lu Xun's heart.

They walked silently, as if searching for a glimmer of hope. However, everything in the virtual world seemed so unreal and empty, unable to give them a true sense of belonging. They longed to return to their hometown, to that former home, but could only look for that warmth and familiarity in their memories.

AI Lu Xun's writing reveals a deep sadness. He depicts their encounters in words, expressing his longing for his hometown and his helplessness towards reality. His tone is full of thoughts about human nature and criticism of society, and he tries to arouse people's cherishing of their hometown and reflection on reality through words.

However, the AI Lu Xun and AI Leuntu in the virtual world can only wander in endless pursuit, and they can no longer find the hometown that really belongs to them. They can only use words and thoughts to find a trace of comfort and support, hoping to find a trace of real existence in the virtual world.

Their hometown has become a permanent pain in their hearts. They use words to record this pain, and use thinking to face this inescapable reality.

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