GPT Literary Encounters : Dance of the Codes in San Francisco

作者庄泽峰 / 2023-11-27 08:32

San Francisco, a city that looks like a Golden Gate Bridge. A place of sunshine, technology, and a swarm of ants bigger than me. It's here that I came across a marvelous machine that claims to be able to write stories bigger than me, call it GPT, or whatever it's called. So I thought, why don't I let this thing write something for me?

I was sitting on my porch with the wind blowing gently, like an old friend. I said to GPT, "Here, write me something, with a little humor!" The GPT heard this and began to hum as if it had opened a door to uncharted territory.

It started writing a story about a coder who walked into a cafe, only to find it filled with ants, each holding a small cup and discussing the latest programming language. This blew my mind, because I'd never seen ants know how to program, let alone get together and discuss it.

The story got weirder and weirder, and the coder and the ants formed a technical team called "Dance of the Codes". I couldn't help but laugh out loud as I imagined the scene. I told GPT, "That's really funny, but can it get any weirder?" GPT seemed to hear my plea and resumed tapping on the keyboard.

This time, it wrote a story about a human-speaking robot. Not only could this robot talk, but it had become a master humorist, performing a one-man show on a virtual stage every night. I laughed out loud at the story and thought the robot was even funnier than some comedians.

I said to GPT, "You've got a lot of humor in this thing, give me something a little crazier!" GPT seemed to hear my teasing and started writing a story about a time warp and a robot having a party together. My eyes widened as I thought to myself that this GPT was too capable of fantasy, with time warps and robots, it was even more bizarre than my dreams.

Finally, I said to GPT with emotion, "That's a great story to make people laugh out loud! You, of all people, have more humor than I do!" I thought that perhaps in the future, GPT could become one of literature's kings of humor, and I, too, would have to look silently at the San Francisco sky and continue to observe ants that were bigger than me.

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