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Kindle Direct Publishing (kdp.amazon.com) is a self-publishing service that provides authors with the opportunity to independently publish books in over 10 countries and in more than 45 languages worldwide. Through KDP, you have full control over the content, design, pricing, audience, and advertising of your books.

Self-publishing is easy and straightforward, requiring just three steps to release both paperback and e-books, making your work available in the Amazon global store in as little as 72 hours. You can distribute your e-books to the Kindle store, attracting more readers, and even offer them through Kindle Unlimited for unlimited reading.

On KDP, you can earn up to 70% in e-book royalties. Depending on the content of your e-book and the sales country, you can choose between 70% or 35% royalty options. For paperback books, you can earn up to 60% in royalties. KDP will print your books on demand and deliver them to readers worldwide.

In addition to traditional paperback and e-books, KDP has introduced Kindle Vella, a new way of serializing stories. You can release short chapters to engage readers' attention. With Kindle Vella, you can earn a 50% royalty on reader token spending to unlock your story chapters, and there is a chance for additional bonuses based on reader activity and engagement (only applicable to U.S. authors publishing in English).

KDP offers various book publishing options, including business and investing, children's books, non-fiction, literature and fiction, mystery, thriller and suspense, science fiction and fantasy, young adult and teen, comics and graphic novels, biography, romance, short stories, and more. You can choose the category that suits your creative type and reach a broader audience.

Through KDP, you can become your own publisher, retain ownership of your work, publish on your own schedule, and set your own prices. KDP also provides detailed royalty calculations and reports for you to understand your earnings clearly.

At Phonsent Blog, we are dedicated to exploring and sharing topics related to AI-generated content. KDP, as a self-publishing tool, offers authors more opportunities for creativity and income. With KDP, you can realize your publishing dreams, reach global readers, and earn more revenue.

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